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M.R. Electricians handles all types of residential electrical services, from minor repairs to complete remodels, electrical installations, and electrical panel upgrades, to meet the demands of today’s modern home.


Whatever your needs may be, you can rely on M.R. Electricians for prompt service, an accurate diagnosis, and fast resolution. It’s no wonder we’re consistently among the most highly-rated residential electricians in and around Montgomery County.

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Remodeling your present home?

Remodeling your present home?

That’s a smart way to go, because remodeling has never made more economic sense than it does today. Great living upgrades for the modern home begin with up-to-date electrical systems that boost value and enhance comfort. Imagine a dazzling new kitchen or your lifeless basement transformed into a fun-filled family space—it all begins with a comprehensive electrical plan to ensure that your dreams are fully realized.

For the older home, rewiring is where it’s at.

For the older home, rewiring is where it’s at.

Rewiring your electrical system guarantees that your much-loved, mature home is compliant with modern building codes and ensures your family’s safety. And don’t forget to consider extending your electrical reach, too—updated lighting systems for energy savings, smart home equipment that adds safety and value, and plenty of reliable power sources for all of the appliances and devices that define modern living.

Even newer homes can often use an electrical update.

Even newer homes can often use an electrical update.

Is outdoor lighting on your wish list? Would some handy outlets make your life easier? When the power goes out, how many times have you wished you had a generator? Whether you’re seeking more ambiance, more practicality, or better energy efficiency, even minor electrical updates can make a big impact on your day-to-day living.


We’re here when you need us.

When you rely on M.R. Electricians, you can expect an outstanding experience from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our licensed technicians are not only highly trained, they’re also friendly and courteous. Our word is our bond and if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll gladly make it right. That commitment to our customers has earned M.R. Electricians the reputation for excellence throughout Maryland and the Washington, DC region, and we don’t take that honor lightly.

In today’s fast-paced, plugged-in world, electrical problems can be a real headache.

Fortunately, there’s M.R. Electricians. Whether you’re planning an electrical project or need help right away, contact us today. No matter what your electrical needs may be, we have the solution that will add value, comfort, and safety to your home.

We’ll be there from the ground up.

Building your dream home is an exciting prospect. You’ve probably envisioned your beautiful new residence a hundred times. But what you may not have given much thought to are the electrical systems that will provide power for your home sweet home. Electrical new construction services are an important part of the building process, and that’s where we come in. M.R. Electricians has particular expertise in designing and installing whole-home electrical systems. We’re proud to be the contractor of choice for new construction electrical services in the Baltimore-Washington DC region.


Big or small, simple or complex, you can rely on us.

The specifics of what electrical components are necessary during a new construction vary greatly depending upon the individualized plan for the dwelling. In most cases, a residential new construction will include electrical services for lighting, outlets, appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, fans, hot water units, home automation systems, and more. From the most basic installation to the most intricate electrical plans, we pursue every project with passion and excellence.

Leave the design process to us.

If you already have the designs finalized, we’ll gladly follow the blueprint to your exact specifications and organize our team to seamlessly integrate with your timetable. At M.R. Electricians, we also have the expertise to aid in the designing process from the outset. We’re happy to review your current drafts and offer suggestions to make the wiringlighting, and appliance layout more efficient, as well as making it easier for future upgrades, if they become necessary.

Planning ahead pays off big time.

It’s smart to ensure that your new home’s electrical plan includes some well-thought-out features. Incorporating these improvements during your initial construction will save you significant time and money down the road. For example, why not maximize convenience by adding an exterior light switch to the attic or storage area so you don’t have to enter in the dark? You can easily enhance your family’s safety by adding motion-activated lights to the stairway. If savings is important, consider incorporating timer switches to ensure that lights, fans and other appliances are turned off when not in use.

And what about your holiday decorations? Add outlets on mantles, recessed into bookcases, and under the eaves outside. Anywhere you plan to have electric holiday lights, ensure you have a handy outlet nearby.

We’re happy to offer pointers to maximize the long-term value and convenience of your new home’s electrical plan.

In our many years of experience working with homeowners, we’ve done it all.

In our many years of experience working with homeowners, we’ve done it all.

At M. R. Electricians, our team is focused on helping you make the fabulous new home of your dreams a reality. Whether you’re in the early planning stages or need assistance in a hurry, we can help. Contact us today and let’s get started on your castle.

Does your home have enough outlets for the plugged in world we live in?

Almost every residential client we serve mentions how wonderful it would be to have a few more outlets. It’s really no surprise. Where we once just had a television, we now have all of the ancillary devices, too. And then there’s the kitchen where the wonders of modern life have added plug-in appliances for every convenience and task. In short, we have home electrification needs that extend far beyond what anyone could have envisioned just a few years ago.


Leave your outlet issues to us.

Of course, there’s a lot more to adding outlets than screwing on a new receptacle plate. Bathroom, kitchen, and garage outlets required GFCI plugs and switches, for instance. And power needs have to be taken into consideration: too many appliances in the kitchen or family room will quickly overload the circuit and lead to potential overheating.

The experienced professionals at M.R. Electricians can get your new outlets installed quickly while adhering to the latest codes. All you’ll have to do is shop for more devices

Leave your outlet issues to us.

Convenience is our specialty.

The skilled professionals at M.R. Electricians know what it takes to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring with additional outlets and switches to make things more convenient. Not having enough electrical outlets in your home is a hassle. Extension cords are only meant to be used short term and can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Broken outlets and receptacles can be potential fire hazards, too.

Our licensed electricians are residential electrical wiring experts. We can install, repair, replace, and troubleshoot any type of household electrical power outlet safely and efficiently.

Contact us today for a safer, more convenient home tomorrow.

Electrical wiring is the heart of and soul of your home’s electrical system.

As one of the most important and complex parts of any structure, it’s what makes electricity available to all areas of the house. Faulty wiring is often the culprit behind overall electrical problems as well as a common origin of electrical fires. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Agency, the number one cause of house fires in the US is faulty electrical wiring. Although it’s an integral part of our lives, electrical wiring is often among the most ignored parts of the home because it’s contained within the walls and problems can be difficult to access and troubleshoot without the help of a qualified professional.


Is your home’s wiring outdated?

If so, it simply won’t be able to handle the amount of electricity that modern homes use and the wires will deteriorate until they cause real trouble. You’ll start to notice irritating problems like blown fuses, and then you’ll begin to encounter more serious, dangerous ones. If you live in an older home and its wiring has not been replaced in recent years, there’s a very good chance that it needs to be. At M.R. Electricians, our experienced electrical contractors are extensively trained to deal with the full spectrum of issues related to wiring. From simple fixes to complete rewiring and renovation, our licensed professionals can do it all.

Are your switches ugly?

Broken, damaged, or overheated switches and receptacles are not only unsightly, they’re potentially hazardous. Many homeowners also have outdated switches, such as non-GFIC outlets and switches in kitchens and bathrooms, which could present a safety issue. The professionals at M.R. Electricians can repair and replace these electrical features quickly and safely. Want to replace that old standard light switch with a dimmer to add ambiance while you save energy? We can perform those light switch upgrades, as well. Whether you’re looking to repair, replace, or improve your home’s switches and receptacles, we can help.

Don’t leave faulty wiring or switches to chance.

Contact M.R. Electricians today and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Add ambience to any room in your house.

New lighting fixtures are a great way to upgrade your home. Not only are they easy to install, they also provide significant energy savings while enhancing any décor. And with the extensive array of excellent lighting options on the market today, it’s no wonder so many homeowners are interested in this relatively inexpensive home improvement. Pendant lights add function and beauty to the kitchen. Chandeliers bring a touch of elegance to dining areas, formal living rooms, and even the patio. Lighting can transform any home—you’re only limited by your imagination!


Lighting is an important part of your home’s interior design.

Although it’s often overlooked, lighting plays a big role in the overall feel of any room. When you use light as part of your home’s interior design, the opportunities for enhancing the space are endless. Lighting can be vibrant or subdued, direct or ambient. Recessed lights, for example, can deliver just right amount of light without being overwhelming. They have a place in any design scheme and create a streamlined profile for any room in your home. Pendants and wall-mounted lamps can lend drama and style. With track lighting, you can angle its multiple lamp heads at different focal points in the room. Its versatility and controlled lighting makes it a popular option for studies, family rooms, and kitchens.

At M.R. Electricians, we’re lighting options experts. From helping you discover just the right fixtures and placements, to installing them safely and professionally, rely on us to light your way with confidence and beauty.

You take care of the fun part; we’ll take care of the rest.

When installing new light fixtures for your home, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose the style, placement, and type of fixture, while leaving the work to the pros. For expert lighting installation in and around Baltimore, Montgomery County, and Washington, DC, choose M.R. Electricians. Since 1996, our licensed professionals have been helping area homeowners achieve the perfect illumination for their residences. It would be our pleasure to help you, too.

Contact us today to get started on your radiant, beautiful home.

You take care of the fun part; we’ll take care of the rest.

Is it time for a power or panel upgrade?

If your home is older or the electrical system is outdated, the answer is likely yes. According to the US Census Bureau, more than half of existing homes were constructed before the 1970s. That means they were built long before any of today’s modern electronic conveniences were invented. These older homes were built with few circuits and only 50 to 60 amps of electrical service, while today’s homes require at least 150 amps because we’re more dependent on electricity than ever before.


We live in a plugged-in world.

Most homes have at least one computer, several televisions, a stereo system, cell phones, clock radios—the list goes on and on. This modern electronic equipment can quickly overload an aging system, causing serious problems for your home. An undersized panel may pose a safety risk because an overloaded system can result in a fire. If your fuses blow when too many appliances are in use or the lights dim when an appliance is turned on, these are indications that your current power panel circuitry is unable to handle your electrical demands.

An electrical panel upgrade from the professionals at M.R. Electricians will allow you to use your appliances safely while protecting expensive electronic equipment such as flat screen TVs, laptop computers, and kitchen gadgets.

We’re residential power/panel experts.

At M.R. Electricians, we’ve been providing dependable power and panel upgrades and replacements for over twenty years and we’re proud to be the DC metro area's go-to company for residential electrical needs. Our highly skilled electrical contractors have the qualifications, understanding of safety procedures, and training needed to inspect, repair, or replace your home’s power panel. From routine maintenance to the installation of a new system, we do it all.

We’re residential power/panel experts.

Power up your lifestyle and your safety.

A lack of sufficient electrical circuits and adequate amperage can present a hazard to your home and family and shorten the life of your electrical appliances, too. For expert panel repairs and upgrades, you can trust the experience and great service you’ll receive from M.R. Electricians.

Contact us today for a safer tomorrow.

Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer.

Sure, when it’s hot out, they can keep you comfortable by circulating cooled air. But during the winter months, ceiling fans can be set to push rising warm air downward throughout your home, helping you stay toasty while reducing your energy costs. To get the most energy-saving benefits from your ceiling fans and to ensure your safety, it’s smart to go with a pro. If you find yourself Googling, “How to install a ceiling fan,” contact M.R. Electricians instead. We’ve been installing ceiling fans in homes throughout Montgomery County, MD, and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our licensed team of electricians will get the job done right and we’ll always treat you and your home with the highest quality of care and respect.


Your safety comes first.

Electrical work is dangerous, even for those who are knowledgeable about electrical wiring and circuitry. Failing to completely shut off a breaker, touching an exposed wire, or incorrectly wiring a connection can result in injuries or death. Don’t risk it. Bring in a skilled professional to do the job.

Our technicians have the training and experience needed to handle even the most complicated of electrical jobs. You can trust us to complete your ceiling fan installation safely and to code.

Your safety comes first.

We’ll do it right the first time.

If you’ve attempted a do-it-yourself project and failed, you’ve learned that it can cost significantly more time and money when you have to bring in a pro to fix it. Incorrectly installed ceiling fans might wobble or make noise while in operation, and they can be dangerous, as well. A ceiling fan installed by M.R. Electricians will always be balanced, securely attached, grounded, and positioned for optimal airflow.

We’ll help you save.

Ceiling fans are more than just a beautiful addition to your home; they can provide year-round savings. Properly installed ceiling fans placed on the right settings can reduce your electricity bill by a staggering 30-40%, and even more with ENERGY STAR® rated units. At M.R. Electricians, it’s always our goal to give you the best quality work at the best possible price. Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of having professionally-installed ceiling fans?

Don’t wait, contact us today.

Light the way to a greater outdoor experience.

Landscaping is known to heighten curb appeal. And if you’re looking to make an even greater visual impact, outdoor lighting is the way to go. With the right lighting, your home’s exterior becomes a warm and inviting refuge for family and friends. Decks and patios get the use they deserve. Proper lighting can also bolster your security, brightening the path for visitors while deterring burglars from approaching your well-lit property at night. If you’re ready to add some wow to your home's exterior, reach out to M.R. Electricians for an outdoor lighting upgrade. No job is too small or too grand for our skilled team. We’ve been providing top-quality lighting installations in the DC metro area for over two decades, and we’re just getting started.


Make a bold first impression.

Transform the look and feel of your property with professionally-installed landscape lighting. Highlight architectural features of your home, garden, or trees. Shine a light on stylish home numbers or a brightly-painted front door. The possibilities are endless. We offer a range of plans, services, and lighting options to enhance your home’s exterior beauty.

Make a bold first impression.

Amp up your home’s security.

Well-lit homes are safe homes. Most would-be intruders prefer to work in dark and shadowy areas, where they won’t be seen. When you add lighting to your garage, walkways, and front porch, you reduce the number of potential hiding places. A useful and energy-saving option is motion-activated lights. They send out a visual “alert” when movement is detected close to your home. Additionally, a well-lit front door and walkway help you to avoid personal injury and to make it faster and easier to locate your keys. Whatever your lighting security needs may be, our experienced electricians have you covered.

Amp up your home’s security.

Get creative with your outdoor space.

Illuminated pond life. Cozy al fresco dinners. A game of Marco Polo under a watery blanket of soft light. There are so many opportunities for vibrant outdoor living. Why not get the most out of them? Outside lighting extends your enjoyment of fresh air and nature. Our professional lighting technicians install attractive, functional lighting solutions for backyards, patios, decks, pools, koi ponds, playset areas, and more. If you can dream it, we can likely install it. And we’ll work with you to determine the best ways to make the most out of your home’s exterior living space.

Get creative with your outdoor space.

Your home is your private getaway— get more out of it with amazing outdoor lighting.

M.R. Electricians is proud to provide state-of-the-art landscape and security lighting solutions to thousands of homeowners in the DC metro area.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

Your home is your private getaway— get more out of it with amazing outdoor lighting.

Technology that’s simply ingenious.

Imagine the convenience of online and mobile access to nearly every device in your home. Control Automation Systems, commonly called smart home technology, does just that. These systems are rapidly gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Their state-of-the-art technology allows you to adjust indoor temperatures, turn lights on and off, and monitor your home when you’re away—from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet. At M.R. Electricians, we’re proud installation experts and distributors of the renowned Insteon smart home system. You can rely on our skilled electrical contractors to install the ultimate control automation system that will provide you complete access to your home security, heating, cooling, entertainment, and more, with just the push of a button.


You’ll feel like a superhero.

A smart home can protect your family and property, save you money, and give you powers you’ve only dreamed of:

Enhance the safety of your home.
You can’t be home every minute of every day, so let your smart home system watch over your residence. Lock and unlock your doors from afar, control and automate your lights from anywhere, trigger a siren to ring if there’s unwanted motion or entry, and get immediate alerts if doors or windows open unexpectedly. Talk about peace of mind!

Be the brightest bulb in the box. And save a few bucks while you’re at it.
According to the US Energy Administration, lights account for more than 30% of a home’s energy consumption—but they don’t have to. Smart lights can save you money and secure your home by automatically reacting to your daily routines and preferences. You can set your lights to brighten when you want to wake up, turn on when you’re away to make it look like your house is occupied, turn off automatically when you leave the house, and much more.

Don’t sweat your energy bill.
By automatically turning down your thermostat, your A/C unit, or your portable heater when you’re away, you can save some green while you live green and help the planet.

“Did I close the garage door?” will be a thing of the past.
We’ve all been there. You get to work and wonder if you remembered to close the garage door. Guess what? Your smart home can sense when you’re gone and automatically close up after you. Now that’s a power that would make any superhero envious.

Source: Consumer Technology Association

Home automation that’s just right for you.

M.R. Electricians not only provides professional installation of your smart home system, we help you create the solutions that are tailored to your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle. You can rely on us to make your smart home a smart investment.

Contact us today to transform your home into a haven of comfort, security, and convenience.

Turn on some smarter lighting.

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer better quality than other types of lighting. Residential LED applications are also saving homeowners significant costs while boosting the value of their property. Consider this: residential LEDs, especially ENERGY STAR® rated products, use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Owners who implement LED lighting may also qualify for federal and municipal tax energy credits. Simply put, LED is the way to go.


There’s a lot to love about LED lighting.

AT M.R. Electricians, we’re well-versed in all that an LED retrofit has to offer. Not only will you enjoy an immediate energy cost savings, you’ll spend a lot less time changing lightbulbs. LED lights offer remarkable longevity: you can run a LED light bulb for eight hours per day for a staggering 16 years before having to change it! And then there’s the positive environmental impact. Incandescent bulbs aren’t practical to recycle and CFL bulbs contain mercury, posing a serious threat to the environment by leaking their contents through landfills and water sources. LED lights have eliminated this harmful threat to the environment, as they are RoHS certified and contain no mercury. Cost-effective, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly—now that’s a combination that’s hard to beat!

We make retrofit LED lighting simple.

Taking advantage of this energy- saving measures doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. At M.R. Electricians, our licensed professionals can show you how LED retrofitting your traditional light fixtures allows you to quickly and easily harness all the benefits they have to offer. Lighting retrofits improve the quality of lighting as well as reduce HVAC run times because less heat is produced. That’s why an LED lighting retrofit is one of the smartest home investments you can make.

We make retrofit LED lighting simple.

Go green and save some green.

M.R. Electricians values green-build technologies that keep our air cleaner and fresher. We’ve made a commitment to promoting and implementing low-cost sustainable products for homeowners in and around the Montgomery County, MD area. Contact us today to get started on your path to energy savings. 

Remodeling is a great way to increase the value of your home.

Clever renovation plans can transform tired, outdated kitchens, bedrooms, and baths into airy, inviting accommodations. And if you’ve outgrown your house, finishing the basement or building an addition can add some much-needed space. M.R. Electricians provides a full range of electrical contracting services for home remodeling, including planning and design. Whether you’re creating an appealing outdoor living space, adding a home theatre, or undertaking a substantial renovation of your home, you can count on us. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make your remodeling dream a reality.


Make your older home feel brand new.

Most families spend a great deal of time in the kitchen so it’s often a priority when it comes to remodeling. Removing harsh, dated fluorescent lights and installing recessed and decorative pendants over the counter can easily enhance the ambiance and create a welcoming vibe. Why not transform your unused basement into a comfortable place to entertain guests with a posh built-in wet bar, game room, and immersive movie theatre? There’s no end the magic you can create with your remodeling ideas and M.R. Electricians can bring them all to life.

Make your older home feel brand new.

Put our experience to work for you.

If you have an older home, one of the first things to consider is the scope of your planned addition or remodel and whether your electrical panel is adequate to handle the increased electrical loads from new appliances, added square footage, and/or lighting. The electrical design and estimating professionals at M.R. Electricians will help you understand your electrical needs and we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive installation plan that meets your design expectations as well as your budget.

Our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional service have earned us the reputation as a premier electrical contractor in and around Montgomery County, MD and we’ve had the privilege to be part of hundreds of home remodeling projects in the region.

Get the space and functionality your lifestyle demands.

From evaluating your current wiring to making electrical design recommendations to suggesting appropriate electrical products, the friendly team of qualified professionals at M.R. Electricians will help make your remodel a resounding success.

If you’re considering a home renovation project, contact us today and let’s turn your vision into a reality.

It can be a real nuisance when the power goes out.

We’ve all been victims of power outages at one time or another, and whether they’re the result of a storm, lightning strike, or an accident, they can be a major disruption. No lights, no heating or cooling, no way to cook or keep food cold, the list goes on and on. There’s no need to be left in the dark, though, because a home backup generator will ensure your peace of mind.


Natural disasters are on rise.

Their obvious increase over the past few years has highlighted the dire need for electricity in times of trouble. Every household should have a backup generator to provide short-term electrical power for emergencies. In addition to providing comfort power outages, generators can also save you money by protecting your home from dangerous power surges, which can fry your appliances and electronics even if they’re powered off.

At M.R. Electricians, our experienced technicians can repair, maintain, and install the ideal home generator for your electrical capacity needs and your budget. As a trained distributor and installer of highly regarded Generac generators, we always guarantee quality products and service. When the next power outage hits your area, you’ll be glad you made a smart investment to safeguard your home, family, and expensive electronics.

We make it easy to protect your home.

A permanently installed Generac backup generator protects your home whether you’re there or away. It kicks in automatically as soon as your house goes off the grid and seamlessly keeps your electricity running. Fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, it delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire house or just the most essential items. And forget about extension cords, because Generac home backup generators safely deliver power right to your home's electrical panel.

We make it easy to protect your home.


Don’t miss a beat.

With the installation of a home standby generator, your lights, heat, air conditioning, refrigerator, computer, and entertainment systems will keep humming along.

Contact M.R. Electricians today and get the peace of mind you deserve, regardless of the weather.