When your business needs electrical services that work, turn to M.R. Electricians.

Commercial entities of all types and sizes depend heavily on their electrical systems each and every day. M.R. Electricians is equipped to manage all of your commercial electrical requirements at every level—from multi-million dollar new construction to minor electrical installations and repairs. No matter the size or type of project, we’ll create a commercial electrical system that ensures safety and energy efficiency while equipping workspaces for maximum productivity both today and tomorrow.


A NICET-certified, woman-owned electrical company serving Montgomery County, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and the surrounding area, M.R. Electricians is well-equipped to provide all of your commercial electrical services.

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From concept to completion, you can count on us.

From concept to completion, you can count on us.

Since our inception in 1996, we have earned a stellar reputation in the commercial sector for our impeccable service, extensive knowledge, and our attention to detail. We work closely with planners, architects, builders, property managers, and property owners to ensure that the electrical work on your commercial building meets or exceeds even the highest standards of quality. From new commercial construction and remodeling to building retrofit and electrical maintenance services, we’re proud to serve the electrical needs of commercial property owners with exceptional quality, efficient service, and unparalleled professionalism.

Our commercial services include:

We’re proud to be regarded as the go-to full-service electrical contractor for a wide range of commercial facilities, including:

We’re proud to be regarded as the go-to full-service electrical contractor for a wide range of commercial facilities, including:

  • Office buildings

  • Critical care and medical facilities

  • Apartments and condominiums

  • Auto dealerships

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitals

  • Government agencies

  • Retail stores

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Hotels

  • Convention centers

  • Educational institutions

  • Distribution centers

  • Multi-use facilities

  • Data centers


In today’s demanding corporate world, electrical issues can mean disaster.

Fortunately, there’s M.R. Electricians. No matter what your electrical needs may be, we have a solution that will bring value, productivity, and safety to your business or project.

Don’t let your hard work go up in flames.

Fire destroys thousands of businesses each year, costing billions of dollars in property damage, ruined inventory, and lost business opportunities. Disruption to your business such as the loss of data or key equipment can take time to replace or may even be irreplaceable. Consider this sobering statistic: 80% of companies that suffer a major fire close permanently within three years. Installing a quality fire alarm system to protect your hard-earned business assets is one of the best investments you can make.

Protect what matters most.

In the event of a fire, what systems do you have in place to prevent injury to your employees or the loss of life? Helping to protect your workers and customers, as well as your office and plant facilities, from the ravages of fire is a key responsibility of any business owner. Having a properly-installed, regularly-tested and routinely-serviced fire alarm system on your premises provides safety for your employees and visitors, as well as peace of mind.

Protect what matters most.

When it comes to commercial fire alarms system, M.R. Electricians is your one-stop-shop.

From single tenant spaces to massive high rises, we have the depth of experience to install systems of any size. Our highly trained, certified fire alarm systems team can design, install, service, test, and inspect the technologies you need to protect your employees, customers, and assets. We provide expert service for a wide variety of fire alarm systems equipment, including older models that may have hard-to-find replacement parts. Is it time to upgrade your fire alarm? Does your existing system need repairs or maintenance? M.R. Electricians can do that, too. We’re committed to offering high quality, professional service with the utmost integrity and we ensure that every system we design meets national and local code requirements. Let us show you why our commercial fire alarm systems are a great fit for your company.

A fire safety system is your first line of defense against property damage and loss of life.

Turn to M.R. Electricians for all of your fire alarm installation and maintenance needs.

Contact us today to learn more. It’s our privilege to serve you.

Make a powerful first impression.

Your commercial space is an extension of your brand. Attractive lighting, smart boards, fast Wi-Fi, and special touches like flatscreens and built-in coffee bars, communicate who you are and the quality of what you deliver. A tenant fit-out gives you control over details that matter. The right mix of attractive space and modern amenities can turn your business into a bonafide destination. But it takes the right team to get you there.


Don't leave your fit-out to chance.

There are a lot of moving parts to a fit-out. When it comes to hiring contractors, experience and reputation matter. Unprofessional installs delay inspections and approvals. A contractor's failure to follow design plans to the detail can add considerable cost and time to your project. At M.R. Electricians, our knowledge-rich electricians are meticulous. Excellent craftsmanship and professionalism are hallmarks of how we do business. For over two decades, our clients in the DC metro area have enjoyed our top-tier customer service and quality craftsmanship.

Don't leave your fit-out to chance.

Your project is our priority.

Managing a fit-out can leave you with a lot to worry about. When you hire M.R. Electricians for your project, you can rest easy knowing that your electrical upgrades are in capable hands. From the beginning, our skilled electricians will review your requirements thoroughly. With your input and our expertise, we'll create a space that will accommodate your business's electrical needs now and well into the future. Whether you need a high-end electrical fit-out for company headquarters or simple lighting changes for your store, we can help. Our work remains rooted in the strong values that founded our company in 1996: hard work, a high standard of excellence, and unwavering dedication to customer service.

No job is too large or too small for the professionals at M.R. Electricians.

Ready to upgrade your workplace? Contact us today so you can open the doors of your new space on time and on budget.

Are your electrical wiring and systems safe?

In some cases, your electric panel will spark, and you'll know. Other times, there’s no warning at all. Silent electrical problems can incubate over months and sometimes years. Unassuming wires may harbor rising heat that can catch fire. Unchecked electrical issues can lead to costly damage to your equipment and building. They can also increase personal injury incidents and liability, so preventative maintenance is essential.

We nip electrical issues in the bud.

At M.R. Electricians, we help DC metro area businesses detect wiring issues before they become expensive or life-threatening problems. Our knowledgeable electricians use an infrared camera to scan power panels, walls, and electronics for unusual heat distribution, or "hot spots”. After a thorough investigation, we'll review our findings with you and we’ll show you exactly what we saw. We'll also follow up with a clear and detailed written report of our professional analysis and recommendations. Once your inspection and analysis are complete, we’ll proceed with fixes in the most economical way possible. If we don’t find any issues, we’re happy to tell you so! We take pleasure in being able to offer you peace of mind.

Don’t leave the safety of your work environment in question.

At M.R. Electricians, our Infrared testing service is a fast and easy troubleshooting process that can put your mind at ease.

If you’re seeking a low cost, high-value way to ward off unexpected electrical repairs at your workplace, contact us today.

Don’t leave the safety of your work environment in question.

Who knew that improving your company’s lighting could also boost your bottom line?

Lighting technology has changed drastically over the past decade and updating your company’s lighting can improve energy efficiency and yield a substantial cost savings for your business. For example, retrofitting your old power-consuming light fixtures with energy-efficient LED light fixtures can deliver reduced utility bills that will leave the accounting department smiling. Cost-effective indoor and outdoor lighting installation solutions from M.R. Electricians are a great way to refurbish, brighten, and modernize any commercial property.


When it comes to lighting, we do it all.

M.R. Electricians provides comprehensive indoor and outdoor commercial lighting installation repair, and maintenance services for all types of businesses in and around Montgomery County, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. Whether we’re installing new lights or replacing existing ones, you can count of our experienced electricians to consistently deliver superior quality and service. From country clubs to warehouses and virtually every other commercial application, our team of skilled professionals can accommodate your lighting needs. We carry many styles and brands from which to choose and we can even design the best layout for optimized lighting. Leave it to M.R. Electricians to create enduring, turnkey lighting solutions so you can concentrate on running your business.

When it comes to lighting, we do it all.

Enhance the safety and appeal of your commercial property.

At M.R. Electricians, we expertly install, repair, and maintain the full spectrum of outdoor lighting fixtures, including pole lights, security lights, parking garage lighting, parking lot lighting, as well as building and perimeter lighting. Need indoor lighting? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Since 1996, businesses in and around Washington, DC have turned to the skilled technicians at M.R. Electricians for ballast and bulb replacement, lighting retrofits, track lighting, LED lighting, recessed lighting, security lighting, exit lighting, and more.

Enhance the safety and appeal of your commercial property.

Don’t get left in the dark.

For all of your firm’s lighting needs, contact M.R. Electricians. It’s always our pleasure to serve you.

Power up your reputation for dependability.

In business, power outages can spell disaster. Data gets lost. Phones go silent. Revenue drops. When the lights go out, the risk of personal injury to your customers and staff increases. Even after the power comes back on, safety issues persist. The sudden force of new energy can damage electrical wires, causing them to overheat and melt or catch fire. You can’t afford to let your business, customers, or employees down, not even for a minute. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a dependable, alternate power source.

Our backup generators are up when your primary power is down.

Since 1996, M.R. Electricians has installed the generators that have allowed DC metro area hospitals, restaurants, retail shops, and industrial spaces to power forward in the face of primary power loss. We take pride in the relationships we've built with businesses and nonprofits in the area. And as a trained distributor and installer of highly regarded Generac generators, we always guarantee the highest quality products and service. You can trust our skilled electricians in all facets of the installation and inspection of your new generator. We have unparalleled standards for customer service, as well: we’re never satisfied until you are.

Our backup generators are up when your primary power is down.

We take the guesswork out of choosing the best generator for your situation.

One size does not fit all when it comes to generators. There are a lot of variables to consider: clearance requirements, zoning, enclosure selection, noise level, size, lag time, budget, and more. We take all of this into consideration so we can expertly guide you to the Generac generator that perfectly satisfies your goals. We work hard on the selection, installation, and inspection of your commercial backup generator so you can rest easy.

Don't let an unexpected loss of power impact the productivity and safety of your business.

Contact M.R. Electricians for all of your commercial backup generator needs.

Is your electric panel telling you it needs more power?

Your electrical system has a way of communicating when it's struggling to keep pace. Ignoring the signs can be costly and even dangerous. Power surges may degrade, damage or destroy electronic equipment. Panels built even a decade ago may not be able to keep pace with your demand for electricity. If you occupy an older building or you have recently renovated, it may be time to have your electrical panel reviewed professionally. When your power wanes, the flow of productivity is interrupted. Other times, electrical problems are not only inconvenient, they can be deadly. Everything from frequent shocks to flickering lights to smoking or melted wires can indicate issues within your breaker box.


We know commercial power panels.

At M.R. Electricians, we’ve been providing dependable power panel upgrades and replacements for over twenty years.  We’re proud to be the DC metro area's go-to commercial electricians. Our master electricians and trained journeymen have the qualifications, safety procedures, and training needed to inspect, repair, or replace your commercial breaker panel. From maintenance to the installation of a new system, we do it all. Our workers are licensed and insured and will complete your project to code. Your safety and satisfaction are the hallmarks the way we do business and they always will be.

We look to the future.

If you hope to add more workstations to your existing space in five years, let us know. We’ll always consider your future needs when evaluating your system and making recommendations. Ensuring that your system can accommodate future growth will save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Cost-effective solutions drive the way we do business.

You’ll find our licensed and insured workers to be trustworthy, dependable, and always on the lookout for the most economical way to fix your electrical panel issues. A replacement isn’t always necessary. Based on your panel and your electrical needs, we’ll formulate a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Your safety is important to us.

Never attempt to replace or upgrade your power panel yourself. Only a licensed electrician should inspect, diagnose, and fix your electric panel issues.  The experienced professionals at M.R. Electricians proudly serve Montgomery County, MD and surrounding areas, including Baltimore and Washington, DC.

If you suspect your commercial power source needs an upgrade or replacement, contact us today. It’s always our pleasure to serve you.

The best way to save on electrical malfunction repairs is to catch them before they occur.

Estimates have indicated that electrical failures cost businesses in the US as much as $200 billion per year. And that doesn’t even include the costs associated with business delays and lost opportunities. When a commercial electrical failure happens, it can set your business back significantly. Regular preventative maintenance of the electrical in your building is a worthwhile investment.


These days, who can afford unscheduled down-time and business disruptions?

If you operate a business, then you know that everything needs to run like a well-oiled machine. You just can’t afford the extra cost that comes with interruptions to your operating budget. Regular maintenance is the smart choice for any business owner. If you haven’t considered regular maintenance for the electrical systems in your facility, you should, and M.R. Electricians can help. We offer a broad array of high-quality, affordable solutions for commercial electrical maintenance needs.

These days, who can afford unscheduled down-time and business disruptions?

Nothing lasts forever, including your electrical system.

Electrical equipment deterioration is normal, and failure is inevitable over time. Failure from deterioration is typically a slow process but severe conditions and overloading of systems, circuits, and equipment can accelerate the decline. That’s where our preventative maintenance program comes in. The whole idea behind a preventative maintenance program is to prevent anticipated failures. This is accomplished through regularly servicing equipment, identifying replacement intervals, and scheduling outages to perform the replacements. Your planned investment in preventative maintenance procedures and techniques will pay dividends in the long run.

We’ll keep your business running full steam ahead.

As a full-service, licensed electrical contractor, M.R. Electricians can provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that should significantly extend the life of your company's electrical systems. Ready to schedule an inspection?

Don’t wait, contact us today.

Power up your profitability.

Successful businesses in every industry rely heavily on their electrical systems. When it comes to new construction, you have the opportunity to customize your new electrical system to meet the unique needs of your business. Designing your new electrical system to support your requirements both now and down the road is a smart move: having the right system in place will reduce your downtime and boost your productivity. Since 1996, commercial firms of all types and sizes in and around Montgomery County, Washington, DC, and Baltimore have relied on the seasoned professionals at M.R. Electricians for their new construction electrical needs. Whether you’re building a small office or a spacious high-rise, we’ll ensure that your electrical system is safe, efficient, and dependable.


Commercial construction can be complex.

So many variables can affect the budget, timeline, and outcome of the project, so choosing a skilled, trustworthy, electrical contractor should be high on your list of priorities. New construction electrical services are an indispensable aspect of completing your commercial project on time and according to your specifications. And it goes without saying that the proper planning and installation of every electrical application and fixture is crucial to your building’s safe and reliable operation. Doing things right out of the gate will save you time, money, and frustration.

At M.R. Electricians, our experience shows.

We’re accustomed to consulting with contractors and property owners to design and install professional quality electrical systems. Every master and journeyman electrician is trained, licensed, bonded, and insured. We take great pride in our workmanship and our professionalism—in fact, we consider them the hallmarks of our company. And you’ll find that our seasoned project managers are focused on the details while dedicated to controlling costs, meeting deadlines, and exceeding your satisfaction.

We’ll be with your every step of the way.

When it comes to providing quality electrical services for new commercial construction in Rockville, MD and beyond, our team of experienced electricians have worked on every type of commercial property imaginable, from retail spaces, to health care buildings, multi-family units, warehouses, churches, restaurants, and more. We strive to make your experience with us rewarding and to give you confidence that your electrical system is secure and dependable.

When we start your new construction venture, we’ll work closely with you to develop a detailed plan for the entire project and we’ll be right there with you throughout the entire construction process to ensure its flawless completion. You can rely on M.R. Electricians for superior results no matter the size or scope of your project.

Set your business up for success.

Looking for a team of skilled professionals to help you with your new commercial construction electrical needs?

If so, contact M.R. Electricians today to get your project started on the right foot.


Demand excellence from the start. Quality results begin with solid, cohesive plans. The electrical portion of your new construction project is no exception. At M.R. Electricians, our electrical design/builds for commercial sites take your project from early conception to flawless finish.

We come in on the ground floor to coordinate efforts with you and your team members, including management, architects, electrical engineers, and general contractors. Together, we'll thoroughly discuss your requirements and offer timely input as the project progresses.

Regardless of the size of your project, a design/build approach can save you time and money. Our project managers are adept at mitigating unexpected issues and reducing the number of change orders required over the life of your project. All of our electricians receive rigorous training and are up to date with the latest technologies as well as their applications. We recognize that your electrical needs are constantly evolving so we’ll build systems that can accommodate that growth. And, we never cut corners. You can trust us to do the work right the first time, and that’s a major cost-saving benefit of hiring the right team.

If you’re ready to break ground on your project, contact M.R. Electricians today.



Recharge your existing space with a quality retrofit. Older buildings often have working but overburdened power systems in place. If you aren't in the market to replace your entire system or to relocate, retrofitting is the way to go.

We can upgrade all or parts of your existing lighting, circuit breakers, alarm system, and more. Retrofitting saves you money by breathing new life into your older equipment. Benefits also include fewer downtimes, reduction of costly repairs, and better efficiency. There are so many good reasons to retrofit your space. You'll wonder why you waited!

Ready to bring your electrical equipment up to date? Contact M.R. Electricians today.


Go green and get some green! If you've considered having your lighting or appliances replaced with energy-efficient alternatives, now's a great time to do it. You’ll not only reduce your monthly overhead costs, rebates can help you save even more money. 
As part of the full-service treatment that you receive at M.R. Electricians, we’ll always make sure to save you money when and where possible. This includes making you aware of rebate incentives. We'll even help you get the ball rolling on the paperwork so you can get your money back faster.

Contact M.R. Electricians to take advantage of the cost-savings and rebates that come with making energy-efficient upgrades to your electrical systems, appliances, and fixtures.

Here are some kind words from one of our trusted partners!

Since 2013, we have performed 5 major reconfigurations &/or additions to the MHE within a pair of distribution centers, located just outside of Baltimore. We were introduced to MRE by our client, who used them as their electrical provider for building & office related work. During the first project it became clear that MRE was going to be our partner on everything that we would do in that facility, going forward, and on any project in the area.

For us, the key factors are:

  • Their ability to execute to their agreed schedule, while supporting the flexibility that our evolving schedule required

  • Their knowledge provides valuable counsel which informs our combined approach & execution

  • Their pricing is always good and they do not come back for unwarranted change orders

  • They have sufficient resources to meet our needs, and scheduling spikes/cutovers

  • Their people are solid & reliable

  • They are fun to work with, which really helps to make a tough project successful